November 22nd- some important notes about big stuff coming in the Web of Chaos Universe (Blake and Nic's world).

Important pre-orders are going up for 2022 for Blake and Nic's books! This is SUPER exciting. I know my Blake lovers have been waiting a very long time for Blake's story to be continued and I'm so glad I get to do so now. But I also know some readers aren't going to be a fan of the dates and the wait coming.

I know it seems far away right now, but that’s because Nic’s story is part of a larger world, and in order for her story to have all the people and tools it’ll need to end in a way that makes me and you guys proud, we need Blake’s story to move forward first. They are going to be an essential part of the end of Nic’s journey.
As always, if life goes my way *knock on wood* I’ll move up release dates when I can, but for now, stay strong.

I do have some fun things planned to help tide everyone over during the wait.

Thank you all for understanding that great books take time, your support means everything to me and other authors like me. 

November 12th- Hello Lovelies! Safe Word edits are getting wrapped up this weekend! I cannot wait for you all to see what's in store for Nic and her men. It was quite a rollercoaster to write, between the story and things going on behind the scenes (moving is never easy). Don't forget if you haven't pre-ordered a copy you still have time to snag a copy!!! The price will be going up 2 weeks after release to $4.99.

September 16th- Safe Word's release is being pushed back. I've been in the middle of a move for three months and just got to my new place. Needless to say three months between homes, living with family, has made writing at my normal schedule impossible. I'm pushing the release date back to give myself as much breathing room as possible. If there are any more updates regarding the release I'll be sharing in my reader group on Facebook then here and Instagram. 

June 4th- Hard Limits, Queen of Hearts book 1 edits are complete and now onto formatting. The anthology story in Violent Tendencies was just over 42,000 words. The final word count for the full book is just under 108,000.

Hard Limits is set to release in 2 weeks on June 18th.